Exhibitor Opportunities

Your ticket to new revenue generating programs.

Spotlight Cinema Networks is the only cinema advertising company 100% dedicated to serving top U.S. luxury exhibitors and iconic art house theatres. Spotlight offers unique advertising programs tailored to an upscale and influential audience. Our keen understanding of the distinctive needs of theatres and their customers, unmatched exhibitor relations services and innovative strategies help our esteemed exhibitor partners reach and surpass their revenue goals.

In-theatre revenue opportunities.

Lights Down, Revenues Up: The Spotlight Trailer Pod Program
Distributed in digital format, the Trailer Pod program offers exhibitors the opportunity for quick and consistent income. Advertisers are a mix of national high-end consumer brands and well-known national entertainment properties.

Digital Preshow Program
A stylized, entertaining 20-minute digital preshow program consisting of engaging movie trivia, entertaining movie shorts, advertising slideshows, and an eclectic sound track representing today’s music scene.

Spotlight offers promotions through in-lobby marketing, screenings and website interaction.

For more information on exhibitor revenue generating opportunities, please contact Bernadette McCabe at Bernadette@SpotlightCinemaNetworks.com.

Event Cinema revenue opportunities.

Increase ticket sales during non-core or traditional moviegoing hours
Available programming includes philharmonic performances, operas and other cultural events in theatres, performing arts centers and other presentation venues.

For more information on event cinema opportunities, please contact Bernadette McCabe at Bernadette@SpotlightCinemaNetworks.com.

Exhibitor Venues

Lights, camera, cocktails.

Spotlight theatres cater to discerning moviegoers who want to see critically acclaimed films in Adults 21 and over auditoriums.

Spotlight is different, offering fans of independent and “smart” Hollywood films access to the movies everyone is buzzing about – all in a distinctive cinematic environment.

From the moment moveigoers enter our theatres, they experience an ambiance so unique, it immediately transforms their cinema experience into something extraordinary.

State-of-the-art facilities offer a first-class array of amenities including plush comfortable seating, gourmet concessions, and sophisticated cafes, wine bars and lounges.

Once you tour our venues, you’ll easily see why they attract upscale film enthusiasts who overwhelmingly prefer our brand of cinema over standard family-oriented multiplexes.

74% of Spotlight’s audience prefer to see a movie at a Spotlight theatre
Source: Spotlight/VeriTES Custom Studies 2012-2014

Exhibitor Testimonials

Spotlight on ROI

“Spotlight knows our discerning clientele and offers a selection of on-screen advertising content that our guests can engage with. They do a very good job providing advertising content that is unique, stimulating and interesting. The income earned from Spotlight advertising supports our business and builds important revenue for our growing company.”
– April, Cinepolis Luxury Cinemas

“The advertising income earned from Spotlight helps level the playing field as we compete with larger, commercial exhibitors.”
– Greg, Laemmle Theatres

“Spotlight knows our art house audience and offers a selection of onscreen products that fit perfectly. We value our partnership and their attention to quality and customer service.”
– Jeff, Far Away Entertainment

“Spotlight provides great additional income with classy spots that are perfect for our discerning art house audience.”
– Robert, Coral Gables Art Cinema

“Spotlight has been a great asset in helping to build revenues and providing quality advertising partners for our art house cinema.”
– Kathy, Jane Pickens Theater and Event Center

“Collaborating with Spotlight has been great for us. They have provided us with an important new revenue stream while still allowing us to be flexible about the ads we present.”
– Dylan, Cinema Arts Center

National Coverage


Affluent, influential adults, now at a theatre near you.

– Premier high-class theatres located in A-B counties.
– Unduplicated audience from mainstream cinema provides increased reach.